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Do you want to experience luxury in the heart of the Arabian Gulf? Look no further than Yacht Rental Dubai. Various yacht rentals in Dubai can accommodate your demands, whether you're searching for a romantic trip with your lover, an adventurous adventure with your family, or an extravagant corporate retreat. Consider booking a private yacht hire Dubai package with us for an unforgettable way to explore Dubai.

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Fleets that allow you to rave while you sail!

With our private yacht Dubai packages, one can enjoy various sailing parties. The parties can include intimate gatherings, corporate events, fine dining with small gatherings, and more. Moreover, our package allows you to explore vivid fleets to immerse yourself in the party packers.

Intimate Gatherings

Host a yacht party with the private yacht hire Dubai fleets for your close family and loved ones. You could choose a smaller yacht or boat to accommodate a cozy group of people for smaller and more intimate gatherings. For instance, you can consider a sunseeker cruise with dinner and drinks or a relaxed daytime outing with snacks and cocktails. The best yacht hire fleets for private gatherings include the Azimut, Maiora, and sunseeker.

Corporate events

Yacht parties can be a great way to host a corporate event. Depending on your group's size, you may choose a larger yacht like Majesty, Cranchi, or Ferretti yachts that can accommodate more people. In addition, you could incorporate activities like team-building games, networking opportunities, or presentations into the event.


Fine dining experiences

Yacht parties can also be an excellent opportunity for a fine dining experience with a small group. For example, you could choose a yacht with a chef or catering service and plan a multi-course meal with wines or cocktails. Consider including other elements, such as live music or entertainment, to make the evening even more special. The preferable yacht for perfect dining can be Sunseeker, Cranchi, and Majesty, which provides the privilege of BBQs and private chefs.

Factors that make private yacht hire Dubai a luxury package!

One looking to enjoy the fleets of yacht hire Dubai packages and fleets can now avail for the extraordinary luxury by conforming to the following factors while booking a private yacht hire Dubai fleet.



Most yacht rentals provide red carpet entry for customized parties, giving guests a treat with the extra decors and helping events have a great ambiance. The yachts in Dubai with such facilities can be a luxurious treat to host events. A red carpet entry can add a touch of glamor and elegance to your yacht charter. It is a way to make you and your guests feel like VIPs as you step aboard the yacht.


Having a private chef on board can provide a high-end culinary experience. They can prepare customized menus that cater to your specific tastes and preferences. A private chef can also offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to enjoy gourmet meals without leaving the yacht.



Customized decor can help set the tone and ambiance for your yacht charter. From floral arrangements to lighting and furniture, customized decor can create a unique and personalized atmosphere that enhances the luxury experience


Water sports can add a fun and adventurous element to your yacht charter. Activities like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and snorkeling can excite and entertain you and your guests. However, luxury comes with more fun and playing in style. The perfect yacht rentals with water sports facilities can help the guests to have a gala time as they explore the fun aspects of Dubai.



A personalized itinerary allows you to tailor your yacht charter to your needs and preferences. It can include stops at specific destinations, attractions, activities, and events catering to your interests. For example, most of our private yachts hire Dubai deals to provide the guests with a list of attractions. This helps the guests to suit themselves with the best travel spots.


A candlelight dinner ambiance can create a romantic and intimate atmosphere on the yacht. With customized table settings, lighting, and menu options, a candlelight dinner can be a great way to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a romantic evening. Our yacht decorations provide this luxury ambiance to customer demands.


Why choose us?

Dubai is a vast city to explore and find the best adventures with the utmost luxury. Suppose you are looking for a fun-filled yet thriving luxurious private yacht to hire. You have got your search right. We at yacht Rental Dubai provide various fleets for different occasions. You can have the best rides and yet have a luxury deck experience with unique factors. Our services are equipped with elegant ambiance, crew, decors, and water activities. Be assured to enjoy a fun-filled vacation with our private yacht hire Dubai packages.

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