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Treat yourself to the best meal on the coasts of the Persian Gulf

Food defines the language of people. It brings you closer to the plates of love, hospitality and neighborhood. The cuisine of Dubai is flavorful and packed with herbs. Yacht cuisine allows you to explore your taste buds with the best gulf food.


What to munch on Dubai’s Yacht Exclusive Fleet Rides? Yacht Rentals Cuisine

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Treating ourselves to the best food while we travel makes us learn how sweet, sour, and tasty the world is. Emeriti cuisine combines flavors from Iran, Lebanon, and even India. There are several vegetarian and meat-based dishes to choose from. Some foods the travelers love in Dubai are Harees, Majboos, Luqaymat, Madrouba and Oozie.

Experience delighted Arabian Cuisine while you enjoy fine dining at Yacht rentals in Dubai



One of the nation's most well-known traditional foods is Emirati harees. The recipes are still being passed down through the generations, and it is a significant aspect of the regional culinary legacy. Crushed wheat, minced meat (often chicken), onions, ground cumin, a lot of water, and salt are the components of harees.


It is a favorite dish among most visitors in Dubai. Basmati rice and various types of meat are included in the dish. Emirati majboos, which have the distinct flavors of potent Arabian spices and a variety of vegetables, are typically served with chicken.



A well-known component of Dubai's traditional cuisine is luqaymat, produced for various cultural events conducted around the Emirates. They are created with flour, sesame seeds, turmeric, milk, sugar, salt, a little yeast, and these ingredients. After the batter has been worked, it is given some time to rest before being fried in oil and topped with syrup. The wholesome sweet pastries melt on your lips.


One of the most well-liked dishes in Dubai is madrouba. The most popular madrouba is made with chicken, but it can also be made with lamb, fish, or pulverized grains. Rice, garlic, onion, tomatoes, yogurt, and seasoning are used to prepare it. Additionally, butter is used sparingly.



Oozie is the most liked dish from the Gulf region. At important events like weddings and joyous gatherings, it takes center stage. This rice-based meal can be served with chicken or filled in exquisite pastry pockets. Occasionally, it is topped with a mixture of roasted or fried nuts and served with lettuce and yogurt.


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