Water Sports Together with Yacht Chartering

Jet Ski

Hourly Price ON REQUEST

Jump atop one of the most popular water sports available, the jet-ski. Often called the motorcycle of the boating world, the jet-ski is the optimal speed experience, giving any rider the opportunity to speed freely across the ocean.


Hourly Price AED 550

Spend some time on the water with your family and friends and the crew of the best.
Based in Dubai Marina, we are in close proximity to the best fishing locations of the Dubai Gulf. 

Wake Boarding

Hourly Price AED 550

Wakeboarding is the hottest craze in Dubai’s watersports. It is a cross between surfing and wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is now one of the top listed watersports in Dubai. Empire Yachts also provides quality wakeboarding sessions.

Banana Ride

AED 800

Experience the fun and thrill of riding a banana boat in dubai. A ride in the inflatable yellow boat with splashes of water hitting all along the way is the fun and frolic part of the ride. Enjoy the banana ride in dubai with friends and family as you get tied to a motorboat. Sail through the turquoise waters on the beach of dubai with the banana ride, one of the safest games on water.

Corporate Events

AED 10,000- 50,000

Treat your professionals with a mix of class and luxury yacht trips. The ideal way to network, build relationships, stage ideas and celebrate accomplishments. Chill by the windy breeze and delectable dinner curated by the chefs of the yacht. Make the corporate event unique and memorable for business CEOs and other high officials amidst their busy schedules and stressful life.

Wedding yacht charter

AED 30,000

Getting married in style should be your wedding tagline as you plan your dreamy wedding in a yacht charter. Entertain your guests and friends with yacht rental dubai at your service. The wedding planners will take care of all the decorations and details to go with your costumes. Also, the menu for the wedding can be customized as per your preferences. With winds and waves cheering, get married to the love of your life.

Yacht Party Dubai

AED 310

Celebrating life is the need of the hour. Do it with style and elegance surrounded by friends and family. A yacht party in Dubai is an absolute fun and frolic event to be arranged for your guests as you get to spend the whole day sailing and saving memories for the future. Savour the scrumptious dishes on the yacht prepared by chefs worldwide. Immerse in the joy of life and love and enjoy the cold breeze hitting your face as you sail through the clear waters of dubai.

Decoration Facility

AED 2000

You can arrange for a welcome in the yacht at yacht rental dubai. Decorate the yacht as per the occasion. The team at yacht rental dubai will arrange for the decoratives like helium balloons, sea glass dish ornaments and with other beautiful showpieces as per your needs and wants. Lift your mood by availing of the decoration facility package at your yacht rental company.

Water Sports Dubai

Water Sport- +AED 800

Engage in an adventurous yacht trip with water sports dubai. Getting drenched in the sea of gulf is a thrilling experience, so don’t miss the fun activity. You can go on for any water sports from the available package. Solo and group activities are available for tourists to enjoy with family and friends. Professionals to guide you throughout the sport are the best way to tackle the depth and fear of water. Book your slot for the adventurous trip of your life.

Private Chef

AED 1500

Culinary art is something that cannot be missed on any occasion. So how about a trip on the yacht amidst the sea and the sky with really delicious food for every meal.? To settle your cravings in the mid-sea, yacht rental dubai has handpicked some of the best chefs worldwide to curate and design the menu for your stay with us. Relish your taste buds and inner soul by munching our chef’s specialities from starter to dessert. You can even suggest some Emirati foods as you sightsee the city of UAE.

Romantic Dinner

AED 2000

Spending time with your soulmate above the blue sea or below the glittering night sky with stars both will be one of the best romantic getaways. Get your private yacht booked to spend quality time with your partner feasting on a romantic dinner prepared by one of our expert chefs. You will never be in need of a candlelight dinner once you have experienced the open sky dazzling with a shining star being the light of your dinner.

Dinner Cruise

AED 300

A magnificent candlelight dinner with your loved one in the middle of the ocean with beautiful love songs playing in the background sounds magical, right? This is a must on everyone's bucket list! Savour the extreme delicacy and glide along the beautiful dubai creek on a dinner cruise with Yacht Rental Dubai. You will witness the beautiful crystals on the calm water, panoramic view of sunsets and vibrant nightlife.


AED 2500

Want to reunite together and not sure how to make it a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience? Yacht rental dubai can plan a perfect get-together and other events for you. We create personalised experiences and tailor your requirements. Even if you want a themed get-together, we will still be right on track for everything from a retro-style ’60s party, a tropical party, a Disney-themed party, a floral party, or anything else that fits the occasion. You can also avail delectable food, beverages, and music. We cater to providing you with special service that can leave you in joy!

Yacht proposal

AED 2500

Imagine you're on the open waters with the winds of love and shimmery surroundings, and you get down on your knees to tell those most awaited words to the love of your life. Wow, that picture gives a sense of true bliss! Choose Yacht Rental Dubai to propose to the love of your life on a yacht, and it's definitely a Yes! We will guide you accordingly and provide you with the exact vibe that you require for your proposal. We will ensure you have an out-of-world experience!


AED 1000

Flyboarding is an exhilarating and increasingly popular sport that combines the power of a jet ski with the acrobatic tricks of snowboarding and wakeboarding. This activity allows you to soar high into the sky while executing graceful spins, flips and other amazing stunts. Flyboarders use specially designed boards and a powerful stream of water delivered under the board to provide the lift and thrust needed to soar above the water. It’s a go-to activity if you love exploring pumped-up activities! Additionally, with the right guidance from the professionals of yacht rental Dubai, you will have real fun!

Sunset cruise

AED 300

A sunset cruise is an experience of relaxation, tranquillity and delight that invigorates the soul and soothes the mind. Whether it be an evening sail with champagne, a romantic adventure for two, or just an hour or two at sea, a sunset cruise allows one to take in the beautiful hues of the setting sun. As the sun begins to sink, witness a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours as the waves sparkle below, and share the experience with family and friends. Enjoy the stunning colours of the sky, the sound of the lapping water and the sense of serenity that comes with a sunset cruise.

Dj (Disc Jockey)

AED 1500

Yacht rental Dubai has carefully chosen the best DJs in town. A Disc Jockey on a yacht is a great way to have a unique and entertaining experience. Whether hosting a corporate event, or a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday celebration, a DJ can bring the fun of a nightclub to the open waters. With the right setup, our DJ can provide the perfect ambience for any gathering, whether for a more intimate gathering or a larger crowd. The music selection can be tailored to fit the occasion, and a DJ can also provide crowd participation, including karaoke, pub quizzes, and other interactive activities. All in all, we at Yacht Rental Dubai have chosen the best DJs in town so that you can have a memorable experience.

Red carpet welcome

AED 500

A red carpet welcome is given aboard our yachts, offering guests an unforgettable and luxurious experience. Yes, you heard it right! With this warm welcome, you will be guaranteed a beautiful and unforgettable experience. Guests are given an exclusive and unique glimpse at the opulence, with a truly special welcome that could not be duplicated anywhere else. Moreover, the high-quality services and amenities provided to guests create an atmosphere of grandeur, ensuring that everyone can thoroughly enjoy their experience.

Balloon Decoration

AED 1200

Enjoy an experience like never before with balloon decoration on a yacht rental in Dubai - an excellent way to make your event even more special! Whether hosting an intimate gathering or going out with a grand celebration, a festive atmosphere is ensured with these vibrant decorations. With the help of our professional decor crew, your Yacht will be transformed into a unique, stunning, and memorable setting. Furthermore, their meticulous attention to detail will ensure you have a picture-perfect yacht for all to admire.

Fresh Flower Decoration

AED 2000

Fresh Flower Decoration on yachts is a great way to add a touch of elegance and style to your boat or Yacht. Whether you are hosting a special event or just looking to take your boat to the next level of luxury, floral decoration is the perfect way to make a statement. Our unique floral arrangements are meticulously designed to provide a one-of-a-kind experience, and our talented florists are always available to provide professional and courteous service. With an array of colours and styles to choose from, you can always find a fresh flower decoration that will set your boat apart from the rest. Fresh Flower Decoration on our yachts is sure to make any voyage unforgettable, whether for a special occasion or for the perfect touch of sophistication.

Engagement yacht party

AED 20000

Love is in the air! That's right, an engagement Yacht Party is an exciting way to celebrate an upcoming marriage! Guests can enjoy various entertainment, from laid-back lounging to upbeat dancing, all while taking in the sights of the open sea. Upgrading to an exclusive charter will allow for a more personalised experience with custom food, drink, and music options. An Engagement Yacht Party is an unforgettable way to share the joy with friends and family and ensure the couple has a truly special day.

New year's evening fireworks

AED 1500

The New Year's Eve fireworks display from our yachts will be a spectacular event that we'll never forget! Not only will we be able to view the vibrant display from the comfort of our boats, but we'll also hear the loud rumbles and the sparkling night sky, both of which will create an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, we can enjoy a cosy, intimate evening, savouring the alluring atmosphere as we reflect on the year that has passed and anticipate what's ahead. Ultimately, the New Year's Eve fireworks on our yachts will be an incredible way to end the year on an exciting and memorable note.

Security guards


At Yacht rental dubai, we understand the importance of providing reliable security guard services, especially when it comes to yacht security. We offer professional security guards to ensure safety and peace of mind while onboard. Our security guards are experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained to look after you and your Yacht. Furthermore, our security guards are always on-site to assist our guests.

Megayacht dinner cruise


A Megayacht Dinner Cruise is a luxurious experience that is truly a once-in-a-lifetime. On board, guests will enjoy a luxurious, five-star meal, an open bar, and scenes of the city's skyline or a nearby coastline. At night, guests will be serenaded with music from a live jazz band, dance under the stars, and admire the beauty of the night sky. Moreover, the Yacht is a sight for sore eyes, with its massive deck, swimming pool, and lounge areas. A Megayacht Dinner Cruise is a must-do for those looking to create unforgettable memories and make their dreams of luxury come true.

Bachelorette party

AED 3000

Organising a bachelorette party at our yachts is a great way to celebrate the bride-to-be in style. From intimate yachting experiences to exclusive cruises and luxurious accommodations, our yachts offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable bachelorette gathering. Enjoy the fresh sea air, sip on cocktails and savour gourmet cuisine as you relax on board in a private setting. With various options available, our yachts are the ideal destination for a fun yet elegant bachelorette celebration.

Yacht family gatherings

AED 2500

Yacht family gatherings are becoming increasingly popular for families looking for a luxurious way to spend quality time together. With all the amenities of a cruise, these gatherings offer comfort, privacy, and the ability to customise each event to the family's specific desires. From sunset cruises to morning dock-side brunches, the opportunity to explore and soak in the beauty and relaxation of the open waters can be truly unforgettable. Furthermore, a professional and attentive crew is always on-hand to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. Therefore, if you're looking for a unique and memorable experience with your loved ones, consider hosting a yacht family gathering.

World Cup Yacht Charter

AED 75000

Exploring Dubai while catching the excitement of the World Cup doesn't have to just be about soaking up the atmosphere onshore; why not take it to the next level with a luxurious yacht for your group of friends and family? Enjoy the exquisite views of the glittering skyline from the middle of the sea, surrounded by comfort and style. A yacht offers the perfect way to make your World Cup experience truly unforgettable!

Catering Yacht Services

AED 2000

Yacht rental dubai provides top-tier catering on board yachts, ensuring incredible dining experiences for customers. Our specialised chefs use high-quality ingredients to prepare gourmet meals, and their exceptional service staff guarantee a worry-free, enjoyable journey for all guests. Moreover, our fleet of luxurious yachts has state-of-the-art amenities, allowing guests to relax and bask in the beauty of their surroundings. Therefore, we provide exceptional food, service, and the perfect atmosphere for customers to make long-lasting memories.